Who is Mike Bull and why should I hire him?

Thanks, I'm glad you asked - you shouldn't hire anyone without knowing what they have to offer.

Education:   A bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University, and an MBA from Boise State University.  Certified Advisor by Organization for Entrepreneurial Development (OED).

Business Philosophy:  Mike is a great believer in Small Businesses – not only are they the so called back-bone of the American economy, but they are where the diversity, creativity, and innovation in American life and culture are harbored. 

Experience:  Mike started his working life in a large company, and after working in every area from sales, to production, to administration, to you name it, he decided to strike out on his own.

In the mid 90’s he bought a small manufacturing company in Phoenix, and within 5 years the value of the business increased 3 fold. Next he bought a struggling distribution company in Tempe, which he turned into a viable force, and actually gained considerable market share against a Warren Buffett owned company.  During this time he also served as Executive Director of the National Distributors Network. When he sold the last company this past year he decided to put his broad experience to work, and share it with other business owners.

Mike is down to earth, and approachable, yet he knows business inside and out and has the uncanny ability to cut through the B.S, and to identify the real issues and solutions that each business needs.

Two Heads Consulting was born out of the idea that small business owner’s rarely have anyone to talk with about the business of their business. In talking to another party, new ideas are born, more efficient ways of doing things are discovered, and the general success and satisfaction of the business owner is increased.

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