A sampling of what people have said about Mike, and Two Heads Consulting.

"...He has an excellent grasp of what is required to make a small business successful, and Mike brought forth many observations and ideas that helped me clarify my procedures and objectives."

"Mike immediately demonstrated a calm and knowledgeable presence that became helpful and essential to our group. "

"...He is also great with people, both those are within his chain of command and others that he interacts with in the business world.  He listens well to the various points of view and shows respect to others. Once he determines the best course of action he can typically count on the others to support the change.  I believe this is due to the fact that he makes wise choices, is able to get buy-in wherever practical and is able to hold people accountable to the desired behaviors.  He is an exceptionally passionate and effective change agent..."

"...He understands all the key building blocks for success having owned and operated small businesses in diverse industries.  He is highly intelligent and thrives on the variety of challenges that are inherent in the types of businesses represented by your key target clientele.  He has an uncanny ability to get a handle on what is and is not working in the existing processes/systems and develop strong solutions that deliver noticeable improvements.  He has deep expertise in sales, operations and financial management and understands the relationships between these key disciplines as well as how to leverage technology to enable good processes and strong decision-making.  

"Thanks for being practical and simple wherever possible so I am set up to keep my financials current and useful."

"It (consulting services) will change the way I see my business and the way I run it, l have learned different things about running a company and answered a lot of questions that I ask myself."

"They (Two Heads) know how to work with employees to get good results. They have implemented things that in one week have seen changes in employees and how they work. I am glad there is a company out there that has the answers for the business owner that doesn't know much about business or dealing with employees."

"I feel so much better about my company after the last 4 weeks. I can see the future a lot clearer and know what I need to do to make sure that my company will be here for a long time."

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