Strengthen a business, Strengthen a community, strengthen a nation. That's the ripple effect started by just one small business success.  We help the ripple start, build, and grow.

Local First Arizona
Why do I need a consultant?
I own my own business, I wear all the hats, why do I need someone to come in and tell me what to do?

7 Reasons Why Small Businesses struggle and fail

Lack of Planning:  No business plan, no financial plan or budgeting, everything is 'seat of the pants' and therefore happens by 'accident'.  Lack of a viable business plan is an act of negligence.

Lack of Employee Management:  Wrong people in the wrong jobs, poor people skills, improper staffing levels, poor hiring and firing processes, no job descriptions or employee controls.

Lack of Business Experience: Poor use of time and resources, lack of delegation, paternal leadership and management, and dictatorial or no control. Caused by inexperience OR lack of application of experience... whichever case, ignorance is not an excuse.

Lack of Outside Expert Advice:  Failure to listen to knowledgeable people is ego driven irrationality.  Because an entrepreneur does not have the knowledge, does not mean the 'knowledge' fails to exist - it simply means that the entrepreneur failed to find it or it to find them.

Inadequate Funding: Inadequate funds to start, no profit plan, misuse of funds, poor monetary control when funds come in, no budgets, no forecasts, no bookkeeper and too much optimism.

Ineffective Marketing:  Poor product positioning, poor customer identification, poor customer service, incorrect pricing, lackluster and/or disorganized promotion.  Another victim of poor planning that leads to lost opportunity.

Ineffective Sales Efforts: Insufficient sales to sustain business, poor sales controls and projections, no formal structure or process... amateur.

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