Intuit tells everyone they can do their own books.
The fact of the matter is, most people definitely need at least occasional Professional help with setting-up and maintaining the data within their QuickBooks company file.

  • Do you know how to read the P & L and Balance Sheet?
  • Do you know where the numbers are coming from on these financial statements?
  • Are Sales taxes being recorded and paid properly?
  • Are you entering too much, or too little data into your QuickBooks?
  • Are your payroll expenses appearing correctly on your financial statements?
  • Do you need help setting up Inventory, Loans, or Assets?
  • Do you double check everything because you don't "trust" QuickBooks?
  • Do you know how to reconcile your Balance Sheet Accounts?

Do you just have questions and would like someone to explain the answers in a calm, intelligent, and organized manner?
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